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Butter Me Up evolution of product and packagingIn 2010, we created Butter Me Up as an all-in-one head-to-toe barrier moisturizer stick.

As with all of our products, the ingredients were natural and biodegradable. Our thought was that a multi-use product would reduce packaging and waste. So we used a mini-deodorant container as an applicator to use for face, lips, body, and even hair.

2 years ago, while on vacation down south, we spent a morning walking a non-touristy coast. It was covered with plastic garbage washed ashore; including: toothbrushes, lip balm tubes, moisturizer tubes, shampoo bottles, and deodorant containers. It was an eye opener and it motivated us.

What more could we do to lower our impact on the environment?

Butter me Up, as a multi-use product, was good for “Reducing” packaging waste and over-consumption but we wanted to do more.

After a few months of research, we found cardboard tubes manufactured in the US. The tubes were perfect as application sticks for Butter Me Up. We changed our package from the plastic container to a biodegradable cardboard tube in 2014.

In changing the package, there were costs. Biodegradable packaging costs more than plastic. The new container posed issues with our old formula. With the change of structure and container size, we had to adjust the Butter Me Up formula.

Nearly two years after switching to a biodegradable container, we’ve gone through highs and lows, but we feel better about the change we made, both in the product and the package.

What’s next?
We’re currently working on a new Butter Me Up in small reusable tins that will be available shortly. But of course, that takes time.

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Michelle @ DEMES